Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Boronia Bowler Bag

I recently got the Boronia Bowler Bag Pattern from Blue Calla. As soon as it was released and I saw it I knew I would make several of them. This is a shoulder bag with zipper opening and very nice shape.

For my first one I used Ripple in Navy Canvas Fabric as the main fabric and a solid navy twill as accent. I love how sleek it looks. I used some bag bling from Emmaline Bags.

 The bag uses a long 2 head zipper that runs the perimeter of the bag on sides and top. When looking for several colored zippers for the bags I would make I didn't realize there are two different kinds of double head. One of them will have the heads together when the zipper is closed (this is the one needed) or have the heads one on each end when is closed (these are for jackets). I ended up buying the wrong ones. So I did like Tim Gunn says in Project Runway: "Make it work." I just took the heads off and reassembled them to what I needed and voila!! Lesson learned. I liked the zippers because they are made with plastic formed teeth.

When the bag is open you can easily see all your contents. It has some accordion style gussets inside so things don't spill out on the sides. There is a zipper pocket and a slip pocket inside.

I should mention that the pattern is made so that you use leather or faux leather for the bottom and straps so the pattern piece for the bottom doesn't include any seam allowance. Since I was using fabric I added the seam allowance and some facing pieces for a clean edge.

This bag doesn't take that much time to make but you do have to be very careful when installing the zipper closure on top. I just used lots of pins and clips. The bottom is squared off and it has some bag feet.

Here are another couple of bags I made with the pattern:

The bags are available at my shop: