Wednesday, March 9, 2016

The Nora Doctor Bag

Some time ago I bought The Nora Doctor Bag Pattern from Swoon Patterns. I fell in love with the fabric combination they used in the Smaller version of the pattern. So I got the same main fabric and made the medium version with it. The pattern has three size options: small handbag, large handbag and traveler

I just love the unusual combination of gray and brown. It looks so chic!

So this is a doctor style bag but without the metal frame. It closes with a small flap and a twist lock.
This past week I made a second one with a print from the new Denim Studio Collection from Art Gallery Fabrics.

The interior construction of this bag is very interesting. The combination of interfacings results in a sturdy and nice shape bag. Look at it. My peltex is not fusible so I held it in place with some SF101 scraps.

A look from the top:

This is how it looks open.

 Some bag feet for a professional look.

 Both bags are available at my shop:


  1. Gorgeous, Norma. Definitely on my to do list.

    1. You'll love it. My tip for you is don't install the twist lock on the flap until you are done so it'll be more accurate. I had a bit of a fit issue on the first one and had to move the flap over.

  2. Love Nora and yours are so perfect! I'm going to save my little scraps of lt wt fusibles now to use them as stickies for pelon - thanks for the tip!

    I've heard people say they prefer non-fusible stabilizers as fusibles against cotton can create wrinkles. Do you find this true also? (I'm an absolute beginner with bags.)

    1. Thanks, Verna. I use SF101 which is fusible and I just love it because is always right. I also use Thermolam fusible but use it over SF101 and try to fuse without rush so it'll fuse correctly. Peltex always use non fusible. So yes, saving the SF101 scraps is a very good idea. I have a bag full of scraps.