Thursday, January 28, 2016

My New Design (Fourth)

The last time I wrote a post I told you I was working in a design and will show it to you soon. So here it is.

I sometimes come up with ideas of different combination of features and I just draw them in my notebook and make a list of features I want on it.

The original idea evolved. It was to be a square shape crossbody bag with zipper closure. I wanted it to have a flap pocket and a zipper pocket on top. Then I thought of having the zipper covered like welt pockets.The flap pocket will close either with a twist closure or thumb catch closure (see the smudge in my drawing). I wasn't sure if I wanted a gusset or just to square the corners at the bottom.  But right with that decision was the one about how to install the top zipper. Those two ideas go hand in hand.

While I was playing with these ideas the Margo bag by iThinkSew came out. You can see it here. So I took a short cut and used the main panel shape for my bag. The Margo has a seam right in the center front and I omitted it in order to have the two front pockets I wanted. I also used the gusset piece but I added width for a bigger bag.

There's also another difference. For my first version I used the same main zipper construction, using a zipper panel. But then it required the type of construction that needs some bias tape to cover the inside seams. So I knew I wanted to change that on my second version. Here's the first version.

 And here the installation of the top zipper panel. It came out terrible since there was a matching problem. I did not wanted to have those issues if I wanted to sew several of this bag. To date I haven't sewn the bias tape inside. Urgh! LOL.

So for my second bag I made a sunken zipper panel added to the top of the lining and used the exterior fabric for the top of the lining as facing. I should've made the same thing for the gusset. Oops!

I do like the second version bag. Plus I want to use solid color fabrics only for this design of bags. This one is a beautiful teal twill that was very difficult to picture and show it's true color. Believe me, the true color is impressive.

The truth is it turned out bigger than I originally wanted so I might make another version. I would do it a bit more square too and maybe without gusset.

Another thing I realized is I might have to name the design since this is the fourth I make. (See first one here and Second one here) For now I thought I would just call it the two pockets crossbody. But then the last one I designed, the third (see here) also has two pockets and is crossbody; but rounded and relaxed hobo like. That one I call the two pockets hobo. So maybe this one should be the structured zippered crossbody. Who knows!! Names.....names....? It was even hard to name my daughters so I'll not name them at all. After all I'm the only one using the designs. LOL

Here they are all together:

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More of my bag sewing adventures soon.


  1. Your bag designs are all lovely Norma! Not one of them was a chevron print? Maybe once you have perfected the one you like best you might make it in a chevron print.

    1. Thanks Daryl. I do like geometrics in general!

  2. Great examples of bag-making "journeys", Norma! Good luck with your further customizations. (Don't you find this type of creativity surprisingly addictive? By the way, your notebook page looks quite like one of mine!)

    1. Thanks Rochelle. I love this creative journey. I think creating in general is addictive.