Thursday, December 3, 2015

The Abby's Alley Tote

On my last post I wrote about how joint pain was causing me to sew less. I said "What I'm I supposed to do? Stop sewing for 6 months? LOL  No way. This can't stop me."..... Well, it did stop me. My right shoulder got so bad it hurt like crazy and I couldn't move my arm. After some anti-inflammatory medicine and x rays we discover I had calcific tendinitis. What that means is that there was quite a bit of calcium accumulated in the shoulder joint and the tendon wouldn't stretch to allow movement, other than having inflammation. I was miserable for a while by not being able to even comb my hair or get dressed by myself. My husband helped a lot and I watched lots of TV. I was treated with pills and physical therapy. Now I'm almost back to normal. I still have to take care and not over do it.

So before the madness stopped me I was able to test The Abby's Alley Tote for Christine from Chris W Designs. This Tote is the first pattern in her NEW Sew and Sell Easy Street Pattern Range. These new patterns will be quick sews and the pdf's will be short (less than 20 pages). And believe me the stylish designs are not sacrificed at all for these "easy sew" patterns. Christine just released the first two patterns in this rang. Check her blog post and other testers versions here

I used a butterfly printed canvas that I thought is just right for this Large Tote. After I bought this fabric I was just waiting for the right design of bag to use it, being that it has such big and loud print.

Even though I used canvas fabric I still used Pellon SF 101 woven interfacing to give it more stability. For extra padding and structure I also used Pellon Thermolam Plus Fusible interfacing. On the front I used a metal label bling from Emmaline Bags.

This Tote has plenty of pockets to keep everything organized. There are two pockets on each exterior side for a total of four exterior pockets. Inside there are also four pockets. I used a taupe cotton fabric for the lining. This will be a great tote to use when going to the beach or pool. And it will be great for taking things to the gym or even the office.

I have the Tote listed at my shop here.
Until next time. Gotta keep it short. Housework has been waiting for me. Ugh!! 
Happy Sewing!


  1. I love your bag, Norma. The large print is perfect for this bag. My thoughts are with you as you improve from your joint pain. People who have never experienced it can never truly understand. I understand.

    1. I've known pain for a long time because of Fibromyalgia. But this shoulder pain was really terrible. The calcium looked like a butterfly standing on my shoulder in the x-ray. Hopefully she flew away with therapy and didn't leave anything behind. I think pain makes us learn how to be patient. Is not easy but is possible. I know you understand.

  2. Oh Norma I am sorry for the pain you had. I too had agreed to test this bag and then got hit with sciatica pain! So I really understand what you have gone through. It took me a long time to sew my bag and then to top it off I chose faux leather to work with for the first time. What a dummy I was! LOL!! I couldn't do much either. Gosh it's awful when we want to do so much and our bodies say no. Well I love the fabric yo chose for you bag and I am glad you are doing better now.

    1. Thanks for your thoughts Daryl. I just started cutting a wallet yesterday after the long brake. I'm just very conscious of not over doing it. We only have one body with no replacement parts and we have to take care of it. Take care of yourself.