Friday, October 23, 2015

My Second Epiphany Bag

After the first Epiphany bag (pattern from Chris W Designs) I made I knew I will want to make another one soon. Things have gotten on the way. Including some joints pain from the Virus I got back in September. From what I've read and hear the pain and inflammation can last up to 6 months after you got the virus. The other day my feet hurt so much I could hardly stand. And I said , "ok, I'll sew" but the hands also hurt, and the shoulders joined the party. So I just took some breaks while sewing. What I'm I supposed to do? Stop sewing for 6 months? LOL  No way. This can't stop me. And now in the middle of Purse Palooza? This was supposed to be the time when I was going to get crazy sewing and linking my bags to Purse Palooza. But it seems I really have to rest and take care. It's frustrating! So it took me like 5 days to finish this bag. But finally is done and I love it.

 I used the jean fabric again ( I used it on my recent Bella II) . But this canvas print loked perfect with the jean fabric and I've been waiting to use it on the right bag.

If you are familiar with the Epiphany you can see I used a different arrangement for the contrast and main fabric. I wanted to do this and then Marilyn from Shades of Bold inspired me with her second Epiphany bag (red version) so I went for it. You can see her versions here. My arrangement is not like hers but the truth is they all look great. That's the great things with bag patterns, you can customize, and I love to do that.

 Another tweak is that since I didn't use the optional adjustable strap I added a pleat in each Gusset to keep the sides from sticking out, just like Liz (from Moments) did with her first testing version.. You can see it here. Is great to have inspiration from blogging friends.

This time I was able to make the nice interior slip pockets with contrasting fabric.

I'll be linking this bag to Purse Palooza 2015. Have you link bags too. You still have time! And I'll be listing it in my shop soon; if I don't decide to keep it. ;-)

Happy Sewing!

Monday, October 19, 2015


A short post here just to show you some wallets I made recently. I love making wallets and I'm trying to make some that will match the bags available at my shop.

These two: the one with 45's and the one with cassettes don't have a matching bag yet.

And today I finished making a bag with the arrows. This one is the Hobo with pockets I've been making these days.

Monday, October 12, 2015

A Hobo with pockets

I made another hobo with pockets. You can see my previous ones here. This time I used a blueish gray thick twill as main exterior fabric. Somehow it looks navy blue in the pictures. Not a great camera I guess. For the pockets I used some of the Viewfinder fabric I had. This is from Melody Miller's Collection Playful. I just love this print since it reminds me of my childhood.

This bag is pretty spacious and has a relaxed feel. I only used Pellon SF101 as interfacing, even when the fabric is thick just for an extra crispiness. It can be used as a shoulder bag or cross body by adjusting the strap. This next picture shows the color best.

In the exterior there are two pockets: a slip pocket and a zippered pocket. Inside there are two more pockets: one slip and one zippered. I lined the bag with a gray cotton fabric. Hobo bags are very casual and it"s a great option for an everyday bag.

The bag is listed on my shop: I'll be linking this to Purse Palooza 2015.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Big Tote

Recently I was asked to make a tote for a Large Laptop. I thought of some Totes I made a while back which you can see here. So I just made it bigger to fit the big laptop.

The Tote measures 16" high x 12" wide x 3" front to back. The pockets will be great to store the accessories. There's a big slip pocket and a zippered pocket. I checked and the regular size folder fits in the slip pocket.

I used the pattern Two Zip Hipster from Dog Under My Desk but modified it to change it from a zippered crossbody bag to a tote. The dimensions are much bigger too. I just like this combo of slip pocket with zip pocket. You can see the pattern here.

As for fabrics I used a Black Washed Kaufman Denim and a canvas print I got at Joann's some time ago (sorry but couldn't find the name). I used some Pellon SF-101 fusible woven for all exterior fabric plus added some Fusible Thermolam to the main two pieces to provide a bit of cushioning for protection. I guess the new Pellon Flex Foam would've been a better option but I don't have any at the moment and they don't sell it here in Puerto Rico. I'll try getting some on my next visit to the States. ;-)

Do you know this year's Purse Palooza already started? Go visit here. This year Sara (the host and creator) asked me to be a guest blogger!! Of course I said yes. You can find my post tomorrow Thursday. And be sure to visit the Sew Sweetness blog every day of this month to learn about many different bags and also to participate on the giveaways. You can make bags and link them to participate and maybe even win some prizes. Learn all about it here.