Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Another Design of Mine

Maybe I should stop apologizing every time I neglect this blog. The truth is I got sick and then got caught sewing for the time I missed. My husband came home from work one day with fever and body pain. It seem it was the chikungunya virus ( it's pronounced very funny) which spreads by mosquito bites. So I cover myself with mosquito repellent. The thing is it seems I was already bitten and got sick anyway. My husband was sick for three days but I was for about eight days. Nasty Virus! Just plain body pain, fever, inflammation of the joints and lack of energy. I was miserable! There were (and still are) many cases in the west of the island. So if you plan to visit the Caribbean be sure to use mosquito repellent.

So let's talk bag sewing. I wanted to put different techniques together and create a large bag that will close with a zipper. I also wanted two pockets outside, one slip and one zippered. Every time I make a new bag I try to see each feature as something that can be used separately. So this kind of combination of zippered pocket with slip pocket behind is used on two different patterns I have: The Serendipity Hip Bag by Chris W Designs and the Two Zip Hipster by Dog Under my Desk. I made it the size I wanted which was a bit bigger than the patterns I have. Actually after making the first test (the gray in the photos) I ended up making it higher for the second (the black with skeleton keys); and I like that height better. Those were all straight lines so it was easy to draw. But I wanted some curvy sides on the overall shape. I used this curvy ruler that includes 3 different radius of corners to draw the curve on the side pieces.

I added some darts for dimension on the curves. Then I included a top zipper technique I learned from another pattern: The Zippered Hobo with Knots from Napkitten on Etsy. For the back piece I just made the front piece first and then used it to make the back.

And that's how this design was born. I plan to make more of these. Is a relaxed bag. The only interfacing I use is Pellon SF101. Although the fabrics were thick. Maybe it can be done adding Soft and Stable, Pellon Foam (the new one) or Thermolam Plus to achieve a more structured result. Or using quilting cotton and a thicker interfacing, foam or fleece. But for now I want a relaxed hobo with outside pockets and zippered closure and that is what I got.

 Inside it has a zippered pocket and a slip pocket on the other side.

The gray version was made with a thick upholstery fabric. The fabric has some thin colorful lines that form some squares. This one sold on my shop soon after I listed it. The black one is made with a black twill and a quilting print that has some skeleton keys on it. This one is still available on my shop here.

I made this design just before The Hydrangea Bag from Blue Calla came out, which I love. You can see my first one here. The top closure was very similar, except that for The Hydrangea the straps connection corner is covered with some extra pieces. I did modified that part on the two Hydrangea bags I've made to have a slicker look. The front pocket on the Hydrangea is lovely as the bottom gusset. So they are still two different styles. Here's my second Hydrangea:

 You can get the pattern from Blue Calla here.

I have a couple more bags that I made with tester patterns that I'll share later.

For now keep yourself healthy and keep sewing!!!


  1. Glad you are feeling better. The bags are gorgeous. You are more adventurous than I.

    1. I always liked geometry and studied engineering so drafting a new bag design is fun. Thanks for always commenting.

  2. Your design is lovely, Norma. It's actually a lot of fun to take an existing pattern that you know already works well and then add your own spin on it!

    1. Thanks, Rochelle. I love to play with the patterns and features. So many ideas so little time.