Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A Holly, a Hobo and a Crossbody Bag

Hi my friends,
I've sewn some more bags for my shop: www.NormasBagBoutique.etsy.com

I used the Holly Bag pattern by ithinksew.com. This one is more neutral and serious than the last one I made. I really like this bag. Those pleats on the front and the triangular flap make a nice statement. The bag measures 10 inches high and 15 inches wide at the bottom when flat, so it's a great size too. You can use it on your shoulder or adjust the 1 inch wide strap to carry it crossbody. I used a gray twill as the main fabric and a print canvas (Chevy in Pepper) from the Geo Pop Collection from Emmie K. I got the print from Hawthorne Threads.

 At the back I added a zipper pocket for extra convenience. Inside there's another zipper pocket. The bag closes with a magnetic snap.

I found this blue and green tones fabric at Hancock Fabrics when I visited my family. I used the pattern from Napkitten Patterns at Etsy for this nice Zippered Hobo. This bag is very convenient and relaxed for every day use.

The contents determine the shape since it's so relaxed. The small pleats along the bottom also helps a lot with a nice shape. The fabric seems to be a Cotton / polyester blend with a nice Home Decorator weight.

This other pattern I've used many times. Is the discontinued Crossbody Bag Pattern from Michelle's Patterns. I actually made it a bit bigger. The pattern has a beautiful slip pocket on front with a curved opening. I used a beach theme quilting cotton from JoAnn's Fabrics and combined it with some jean fabric and I love the combination.

Some darts on the bottom corners shape it very nicely. I made the strap adjustable to use as shoulder or crossbody bag. The hot weather inspired me to use this beach fabric. I'll be using it with other bag patterns since I bought plenty.

 It closes with a magnetic snap and it has a zippered pocket inside.

We are having very hot temperatures here in Puerto Rico. Is hard to think on using the iron to fuse fabric but I try to do it early in the morning before it gets too hot.

All three bags are available for sale at my shop.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Holly Bag

A second post for the day!!

I recently got this pattern from ithinksew.com. After going through my fabrics I decided a combination of jean fabric and this bold geometric were perfect for it. Before buying the pattern I thought this one was a small bag but then when seen the size I bought it. The bag measures 10 inches high and 15 inches wide at the bottom when flat. It doesn't have a gusset but is still roomy.

Those pleats are so cute! And the triangular flap adds lots of interest and charm. I think these two fabrics go very well together. I might use the combo again. I made the strap 1"wide because of the hardware I had available. The bag can even be used as a big clutch if you remove the strap.

 You know I like to have plenty of pockets so I added this one at the back. Plus I have a whole lot of navy zippers available. Inside is lined with a gray cotton fabric and there's another zipper pocket.

The instructions on the pattern are very easy to follow and I consider it a simple bag to sew with great results. I already have a second one cut. You can get your copy of the pattern here or buy my already made and ready to ship here.

The Promise Ring Backpack

I had the pleasure to test this bag pattern for Sara from Sew Sweetness. The first word that comes to mind when I see this little backpack is CUTE! She's releasing the pattern today. You can get your copy here.

I used a fabric I LOVE. I had some left over from a previous bag and since I got more, at Fabricland in NJ while visiting, I knew I could use some now. I'm lucky that they still had some. I just feel I needed to keep some for hoarding. LOL!!

The pattern instructions asked for a magnetic snap closure but I used a thumb catch. I really think it looks great either way because of the nice trim on the edge. I also added an inch to the overall width of the backpack. I wanted to use the fabric wisely with no thin strips to waste. You know what I mean? I knew the backpack will still look great. Check out this lovely back. The strap is adjustable. All that trim on the seams is very cute! I found the pattern to be easy to sew, but I've sewn lots of bags! But I really think is an easy one to put together.

On the sides I added some slip pockets for easy to access option. I used the side pattern pieces for this.

It has a zippered pocket inside. I added a big slip pocket too just in case someone wants to fit their eTablet inside. I should say the inside is very nice and roomy.

 As usual Sara's instructions are very well written with lots of pictures to help you get great results if you choose to sew the backpack. I think the size is great for adults and kids.

You can get more information on the pattern and see more testers versions here.

My version will be available at my etsy shop here.

Monday, June 1, 2015

June Pattern: The Penny Inn Wallet

While I was visiting my family (and away from my sewing machine) Christine from Chris W Designs contacted me for testing the June Pattern for the Bag Of the Month Club: The Penny Inn Wallet. Her due date for testers was just 2 days after I was to get back home. I really wanted to do it so I told her my situation and she accepted me testing even if I was going to be sewing the wallet at the very last 2 days. I thought I had everything figured out by ordering the materials so they'll be home when I got there. Well,  other things got on the way and I did finish my wallet, but some days after. I was still able to give Christine most of my feedback by the due date.

Well, here it is:

I was able to use the great flip closure from Emmaline Bags. Isn't it great!! She sent it right away so I could have it on time. Thanks Janelle.

When you first open the wallet there's a section closed with a snap on front plus lots of sections. You can see how thick the wallet is on this next sideways photo. The truth is this is no ordinary wallet. You can organize a lot of stuff in here. I'll say is more like a clutch with wallet features; or something like that. It just feels wrong to call it just a wallet because is so much more.

Here is a view of the wallet with 20 card slots filled, an ID card, a cellphone, some dollar bills (what was left after my impulsive fabric buying on my trip), and three (yes, three) zipper pockets that could hold some receipts, coupons, shopping lists or lipstick. That's a lot of organizing features in just one wallet. And believe me that beautiful closure will hold everything together very elegantly!!

Here you can see the front section opened.

 And finally you can also carry it with a detachable strap if you just want to use it as a clutch, with no big purse to weight you down.

I used a fabric I just got from my trip and combined it with solid black. To say the truth I was a bit worried it was going to be very complicated but I trusted Christine's expertise on explaining very well. She really divides the instructions on sections and explains step by step with plenty of pictures so you can understand how to sew this big wallet.

This is the last pattern of this year Bag of the Month Club. If you want to give all the patterns (6) at a great price you still can get them until June 30. After that each designer will have the pattern for sale at regular price. At least that's what happened last year. Go ahead and join here if you are still missing this great opportunity. You can also visit the Club's Flickr Page here to see all the wonderful versions of the 6 Bag Patterns people have created.

Being part of the Club has been a blast!! I always looked forward to waking up to my new pattern every first of the month. Now I'll just keep creating bags with these patterns.

Happy Sewing and Bag Loving!!