Monday, April 20, 2015

My April Bag from the Bag of the Month Club 2015

Just a short one here to show you my Manhattan Bag from Emmaline Bags. This pattern is the April pattern available to Bag of the Month 2015 Club Members. You still can subscribe here and get 6 patterns from great designers at a great price. They arrive the first of the month until June. Of course if you subscribe now you'll get the ones that have been released at the beginning and then the rest every month.

I love all of Janelle's designs and this one is no exception. I'm sure I'll make more than one but I started with this small version of it. The patterns let's you choose from two sizes.

At first I was a bit concern in how difficult it could be to make the flap zipper. Yes, the bag as a pocket on the flap that opens with a zipper right on the edge. How cool is that!  And it has a very nice bottom created by some pleats.

It happens that the instructions, as expected from all Emmaline Bags patterns, are very clear and helpful to achieve this kind of flap pocket even if it's your first time making one. I had no trouble at all and it was a fast bag to make.

I used an olive green twill fabric as the main external fabric. As an accent I used a green print that has some tree silhouettes for the flap. The print fabric is an Alexander Henry I had around for a while now.
The "Miss" version of the bag is quite small but is very useful for those outings when you just want to be light and carry essentials. I love how cute it is. Next time I'm sure I'll make the "Mamma" (big) version. Thanks Janelle for the new technique taught on making flap pockets.

The bag is already available for purchase at my Etsy Shop:

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Go Visit Rochelle

I just wanted to invite you to visit Rochelle's blog and read her post for today at www.

She contacted me recently and asked for my view on some discussion she's been having on her blog. I answer her questions and she has posted them today. Please go check it out and join the discussion.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

A Third Campfire Bag, some Bucket Bags and Get Carded Wallets.

So sorry I neglected posting. I have sewn several items since the last time.

Back in March I made this bag using the March Pattern, Campfire Messenger Bag, of the Bag of the Month Club 2015 by Noodlehead. This is the third one.

By now you know I love sewing bags with this Canvas Owl fabric. The brown Polka Dot is also a Canvas fabric. The accents were made with a soft cotton blend twill which wasn't that thick.

I also wanted to make some Bucket Bags since they are so popular again. My friend Marilyn from Shades of Bold made some beautiful ones and I've seen several new pattern tutorials. In Pinterest I've seen some Designer Bucket Bags too. So I was trying to come up with one that will have an oval bottom. After some research I thought I could modify the Bigger on the Inside Drawstring Backpack Pattern from Dog Under My Desk to make the Crossbody Bucket Bag. I wanted the bag to have an ethnic feel so I looked into my stash and found some fabrics that will have the look I wanted. Here is the first one.

It has a big zippered pocket on front and instead of eyelets I used some fabric to create some pass through tabs. There are two on the front and two on the back. I also made the bottom a solid black. Of course I couldn't make just one so since I had this other orange ethnic fabric I made a second one. Here it is:

 Inside there is a slip pocket.

They are both in the large category. I'm planning to make a smaller version too. They haven't find a home yet and are available at my Etsy shop: Norma's Bag Boutique, here.

Last week I made these Get Carded Wallets using the Dog Under My Desk Pattern. I always work on a few at a time. I find it a bit tedious to cut so is better that way. I needed to use the smaller pieces of Pellon SF101 and this pattern is great for that. I keep storing the pieces in a zip loc bag and it was time to use them. My shop needed some wallets.

The last one I kept for myself. I love olive green and I knew the fabric will be used for this. The others are at my shop.

Sales are not doing so great (just good) on my Etsy shop but I made some local sales. I already have a pretty good amount of inventory (100 +) so that should help getting found on Etsy searches. I know I'm selling better than last year but I hope to improve my numbers. Maybe there will be some Mother's Day sales. As long as I have some fabric, interfacing and hardware I'll keep sewing; but I need sales to keep buying. LOL!

I'll be visiting family in the US at the end of the month and of course I'll use the opportunity to buy fabric, as always. I hope I get some good ones. So it might take some time to get back to the blog.

Happy sewing!!!