Monday, February 16, 2015

A Blue Calla Pattern

As you might know I'm a bit addicted to bag patterns. Although recently I've been thinking that with so many skills learned already, and so many different patterns used I can start making some of my patterns for the bags I sell. I have many doodles and only some have been used. I also like to use patterns from others anyway. There are so many great bag pattern designers out there!! So I got The Iris Bag pattern from Blue Calla Patterns and made this bag. If you want to see her patterns visit her Etsy store here. By the way, I'm not affiliated to her in any way. The fabric is a printed canvas.

The instructions are very well written. And believe me I'm a bit picky about this. There are plenty of pictures too. For the interior I did my own thing and made a zipper pocket and a slip pocket with my own measurements. The one thing I found was that while printing the pieces some where too close to the margins and a line didn't print. But I just cut the pieces a bit bigger and then adjusted when making the seams,  nothing mayor.

I used some bag bling from Emmaline Bags. She has a new one that says "Handcrafted" without stating where it was made. I ordered some as soon as I learned they were out and received them just in time for this bag. Love the look. You can find it here.

I will definitely will be using the pattern again. I will probably try to make the bag a bit bigger. I don't know if it happens to you all bag sewers but I've been looking at women bags every time I go out. I notice most of them use huge bags. I don't use big  bags because the bigger the more junk you carry and then the shoulders hurt. I like to be practical and not abuse my little body!!

I have run out of Pellon Fusible Woven SF101 and I'm waiting for my order. I don't know why the bolt has only 10 yrds. I once found a 25 yd bolt but can't find it anymore, so I buy two bolts at a time. I use this stuff a lot. Maybe I should try working something out with Pellon. LOL. Wishful thinking!! For now I'll probably just cut some fabric while I wait. Or maybe do some housework. LOL.

Until the next time. Happy Sewing!!!

Monday, February 9, 2015

I've Been Sewing More Bags

Hi everyone! I'm happy to say that I've been very productive these days. I set myself the goal of getting the shop with at least 100 items and I'm really going for it. During January I just sold 1 bag on Etsy and now on February I already sold 4!! Isn't that cool! And last night I reached my 100th sale!! Woo Hoo!!

Let me show you the bags I've made. First an Uptown Bag (Pattern from Chris W Designs). I used a solid navy blue twill and a blue and white canvas print. On the inside I modified it to be simpler. The original pattern calls for a zipper pocket inside that divides the main compartment in two big sections and then two big slip pockets. I omitted the big dividing zippered pocket. Instead I left the main compartment simple with just a regular zippered pocket on one side and a big divided slip pocket on the other side. I used a metal "Handcrafted" label on the front from Emmaline Bags.

Then I also made this bag with the Owl Canvas Fabric and a Polka Dot Brown Canvas. I came up with this simple design to feature the owl on the flap. This one has an adjustable strap to use it as a shoulder bag or cross body bag. There are some darts to create a nice rounded bottom.There's a zippered pocket under the flap and also at the interior.

I liked the shape and design so much I made two more of these. They both are made with a black twill fabric and a canvas fabric for the flap. I used a thumb catch closure on the flap.

With all these bags I'm at 95 items at my shop. So I'm getting close to the goal. But since I hope I keep having a sale every now and then, let's see if I can reach my goal soon.

So let me get away from the computer to see if I have time for sewing today. I'll keep you all posted.

Happy Sewing!!

Monday, February 2, 2015

More Messenger Bags and a Couple Purses

Here are some purses I just finished and listed on my Etsy Shop Norma's Bag Boutique. They are both made using the pattern Medium Messenger Bag from Michelle Patterns. You can find the pattern here. I changed the way they closed just like the last one I showed on my last post.

The blue one was made with blue twill and for the flap I used a printed canvas. The blue looks more like the last picture. Somehow the color doesn't show well on the first two. There's a pocket under the flap great for the cellphone. For the second I used black twill with a quilting fabric for the flap. This fabric has some skeleton keys in different colors. I find it very cute.

I forgot to show you this other Hobo Bag I made in January.

For this Hobo Bag I used the pattern from Napkitten. You can find the pattern here. I used some polka dots navy blue canvas. For the handle I used a solid navy blue canvas.

I also repeated the Uptown Bag from ChrisW Designs. You can find the pattern here. I've made this bag with the houndstooth fabric four times. The previous three sold (on person and not through the shop), so I decided to make another one for the shop. I used some bling (metal label) from Emmaline Bags.

So as you can see I've been sewing and adding to my shop. If there's plenty of fabric what's a girl to do but sew. ;-)