Saturday, January 31, 2015

Organizing my Fabric

Hello Everyone! Is everyone satisfied with their accomplishments during the first month of the year?

I did something very important. I organized my fabrics. I read some recommendations on the internet and I got inspired. Plus I had a huge mess. Most of my fabrics are in some shelves by my sewing area. I have others in plastic drawers in my closet. But there was also a lot just over the table waiting to get a place. So here's the before.

I have boxes with zippers and other hardware, some quilting fabric prints, my sewing books, etc. So I bought some Comic Book Boards (which several people recommend on internet) and followed the tutorial.  Click here to see the tutorial I followed. I'll explain what I did. This is the boards I got at amazon.

First you flatten your piece of fabric with the fold on top and the selvage at the bottom. Then you fold it bringing the selvages up to the fold. Now you have a thinner (22" aprox.) length.

You place one board over your strip of fabric.

 Then you start folding the fabric around the board.

 When you finish you can place a pin to hold the fabric in place. I left the point inside the fabric so there's no pinching myself!

 See how cool it looks? They are mini bolts of fabric. I only did fabric cuts of fat quarters or more. The ones with less I put in my plastic drawers.

I had some wide fabrics of canvas prints and solid twills. For those I used some cardboard I cut from boxes. For some of them I just wrapped them in my 6" x 24" ruler and then slid the ruler out. They are not going to be standing on the shelf but laying down so they don't need to be sturdy but at least uniform. Here are the shelves afterwards. I have much more fabric on it now and it looks so much better. It's much easier to see my stash so I can select which one to use. My stash is not as big as a lot of people but with this I have enough to keep me busy and my creative juices flowing.

Here are some canvas prints I got recently, mostly geometrics of course (I love them) and owls. I already started a bag using the navy blue dotted one.

I also finished this purse yesterday. Is a medium size messenger bag made with the pattern Medium Messenger Bag from Michelle Patterns. I changed the way it closes to a magnetic snap instead of some straps and a hook with D ring. Is available at my Etsy Shop.

So now I'm ready to keep sewing and sewing and sewing!!! Yay!!


  1. Great ideas, Norma. I make a mess of my fabric every time I am making a decision on what fabric I am going to use. When I stack them it seems I always want the fabric on the bottom.

    1. I know the feeling. When I'm picking fabrics it looks like a child took out all their toys out to play. LOL. Sort of the same!!!

  2. Good inspiration! You have done a marvelous job of putting everything together. I enjoyed the photo of your canvas prints (I really like canvas prints, too). The bag you just finished is really lovely and out of another pretty canvas color. It's a great size! Do you have any recommendations for places to buy canvas?

    1. Thanks. The burgundy twill on the bag I got from and the quilting print too. The canvas prints I got from They have a great selection.