Saturday, November 8, 2014

Two Get Carded Wallets and a Sale

Here are two wallets I made this week. I used the pattern Get Carded Wallet from Dog Under My Desk. This pattern is very well made with lots of instructions, hints and pictures like all of Erin's patterns. The way to finish it is very clever. I've made these before. You can see them here.

This is the front. You can choose to make this zippered pocket pleated, plain flat or ruffled. I like the look as pleated. There's also a D ring on the side for a wrist strap. I noticed that using this size of ring I can just put my finger through it for carrying it.

Here are the backs. You have an option of using vinyl or fabric for this ID pocket. I chose vinyl and it wasn't difficult at all. I had no problem with the vinyl sticking to the sewing machine or foot.

Here you can see them opened.

 A view of the inside. There are three card slots in on side and two slots on the other side. The slot for paper money is deeper than the one for cards.

Other than the wallets I spent some time learning on the Etsy forums. I wanted to start a Black Friday sale early in the month and I chose to use EtsyOnSale as a tool. It helped me put all my items on sale with 15% off without me having to go item to item. And this time is free as I got a referral code which gives me some credit plus some credit you get when opening an account with them. I don't do too many sales so I think the credits will last me for a while.

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