Thursday, November 13, 2014

One more Hipster and Two Wallets

I've been trying to finish all my previously cut projects and I'm done with these:

Get Carded Olive Wallet:

Get Carded Brown Wallet:

Serendipity Hipster Bag with Blue Ikat Fabric

The wallets were made using the Get Carded Wallet Pattern from Dog Under my Desk. The Hipster Bag is from Chris W Designs Serendipity Hipster Bag. That will make my number 6 Hipster Bag.

This is a short post just to share the pictures. My sewing machine is calling my name for therapy!!


  1. Love them all, Norma. I am behind in my sewing and have 6 Get Carded wallets to do! Time to get started.

    1. Thanks Marilyn. I hope you get the time and energy to finish the projects and have fun while on it.

  2. Your hipster bags are great, Norma! I'm so impressed by all the versions you have made. The Get Carded wallets look really nice, too--that's definitely a pattern I would like to try. Sewing wallets would definitely stretch me because of the precise rectangles and topstitching (curves do help and have their place!!)

    So from a previous post, you mentioned using a fat quarter for your exterior fabric? I would like to try that and see if I could get it to work (i.e. trying not to pick any directional fabrics, etc.LOL).


    1. Thanks for your nice comments. I was able to use a fat quarter because of the use of a different contrast fabric at the bottom of this design. Also I had some webbing that I used as straps so no need to make the straps myself. That narrows the pieces from the main exterior to 5: two main pieces, two pieces (top and bottom) for the zipper pocket and the cell pocket. So a fat quarter should be enough. The rest is lining fabric and the bottom contrast fabric. The Get Carded Wallet pattern is awesome. I didn't print any pattern piece; I just used a 6" by 24" ruler I have. You do have to be a bit precise but nothing impossible. I love the pattern.

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