Monday, October 27, 2014

Two Fast Bags I Made from Nap Kitten

I bought a pattern from Nap Kitten. It's The Zippered Hobo Bag with Knots. I just noticed is not on her shop right now. Maybe it needs to be restocked. It's been on my list for a while now because I wanted to make bags with that kind of zipper closure. So I've made two of them already.

This design is a simple one with no pockets in the exterior. Both bags I made using canvas fabric interfaced with Pellon SF101. I like the relaxed feeling the bags have. I omitted the beautiful knots for now because I used prints. I think the knots work better with a solid exterior fabric. Here's a picture of the bag shown with the pattern. Aren't those knots beautiful?

Although it's a very nice bag the instructions can be a bit tricky if you've never made a bag before. The pictures help a lot. There's no mention of opening the zipper before closing off the exterior main pieces after the zipper is already attached. That can lead to a bit of a problem when you can only access the zipper from the back and is closed!! On the first bag I opened it first but on the second I forgot. Maybe I got too confident. I just reached to it through a little hole where the strap tabs will go. :-) I just need to make a note for the next time. I also opted to use a leather strap for these. The pleats on the bottom are very nice and give the bag to such a nice rounded bottom.

In the interior there's the usual zipper and slip pockets. I lined both with quilting weight fabric. This one is a bag you can make in a day with time to spare.

 Both bags are available in my etsy shop:

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

An Uptown Girl and Olivia Bags

Hello my Sewing buddies,
Sorry for being away for a bit too long. I've done some sewing but not a lot. My house needed a bit of TLC and I ran out of Pellon Woven Fusible Interfacing SF101.

I like to buy it by the bolt at specially if I can get it at half a price because is on sale or using a coupon. So I waited too long to place the order and the horror.... being without it.

I gave my etsy shop some TLC meanwhile and started cutting the Olivia Bag Pattern from Christine at Chris W Designs. Quite some time ago I won a giveaway for 2 of her patterns. I picked The Abigail and the Olivia patterns. This was before I started testing for her. I'm sure those were the most complicated ones she had at the moment. Then, after reading the instructions and printing the pattern pieces, I was just a bit afraid and felt like I wasn't prepared to sew one of them. So now I finally thought it was about time to tackle them and I started with the Olivia.

 This is for sure an advance level pattern. This bag is much bigger than what I thought. There are many pieces to cut. It took me quite some time to finish but the results are great. I just had to follow the instructions given carefully. There are many photos included in the instructions that help a lot. Every single piece has a paper pattern so you just have to keep yourself organized. I chose a quilting cotton even though Home Decorator weight was recommended. I used Pellon SF101 and Thermolam Plus in all exterior main  pieces. For the bottom I used Peltex.

 I'm not too sure the fabric selection was the best. There's something about this bag that bothers me and I'm not sure what it is. Asking around the house my husband and daughter say that the fabric makes the features disappear a bit. I'm not completely sure if that's what bothers me. They say it could be that since the lines on the print are a bit curvy it looks wrinkled. They really don't like the fabric at all. What do you think? Don't get me wrong; I know is not the design. The features are awesome since it gives you a lot of pockets and details. Maybe next one I'll do with a solid canvas fabric.

There are 5 pockets outside; two with flap and magnetic snaps, two at the sides with elastic and a zippered at the back. Inside there's a big zippered pocket and a slip pocket divided into two sections. The main compartment closes with a recessed zipper.

My niece has an Uptown Girl Bag (Pattern also by Chris W Designs). I made it last January and she loves it. You can see it here. Someone she knows asked her about it and checked it up thoroughly. She fell in love! So she wanted one exactly the same but since I had ran out of the tiny beige houndstooth fabric I offered her the option of a bigger black and white houndstooth fabric. And here it is. I just finished it. Well, except that my husband needs to hammer the rivets securely. That's his job! :-)

It looks a lot like the first one, but that's what she wanted. It took me less time to make this second time. Maybe because the first time I was testing the pattern, I'm sure. This bag is very sturdy. I used canvas fabric and still interfaced with SF101 and Thermolam Plus. The bottom base has Peltex and some nice bag feet. I made the straps out of the same fabric but didn't use grommets to attach them; just some rivets.

Recently I was very lucky and won three patterns from Emmaline Bags on the Craft Buds Craft Book Month giveaway. Since I have many already I got to pick the ones I didn't have; The Steph in the City, The Spring Sling and Boyd St. Bowling Bag. Wow! I have all except the Quarter Note Clutch. I also bought a couple more bag patterns. I think I'm addicted to bag patterns! Oh my!!!! I've started making a "match making" list with patterns and fabrics to use. This helps me keep focus on which bag to make next. I should include some Get Carded Wallets just to use those small pieces of interfacing I keep saving. You'll be seeing them soon....

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

My Second City Slicker Bag

Yesterday I finished sewing my second City Slicker Bag using the pattern from Chris W Designs.  My daughter loves houndstooth print and it's not that I love it like her but I do think is a classy print. I have several bags on my shop with the print and thought the City Slicker will look great with this fabric being a classy design too. I made the Intermediate level one.

For those of you that don't own this pattern I will tell you that even though it looks like a difficult task to sew is not. Christine does a fabulous work taking you step by step, with lots of pictures so that you can accomplish such a beautiful and professional bag. The instructions are really good, you just need to read and have patience and you will love your results.

 I use the suggested accent fabric a bit different.The pattern asks for the pocket to be done in the exterior solid fabric and I like it better with the print. But that's why bag patterns are great; you can choose how to make it and which fabrics to use. I used rivets for a professional look as suggested.

I used a solid black twill and a home decor weight houndstooth print for this bag. I fused all exterior pieces with Pellon SF101, including pockets and straps. Then the main pieces and front flap pocket (pocket and flap) were also fused with Pellon Thermolam Plus. That front pocket is so cute!! Using Thermolam for it helps it maintain the great shape.

The top zipper closure let's the bag open wide so you can find things easily. I used a gray cotton blend as lining and for interior pockets. There's one zippered pocket and two slip pockets. The slip pockets have compartments for great organization.

I will be entering the purse in this year's Purse Palooza. The bag is available for purchase at my etsy shop here.

Bye Bye now! I should go back to cutting more bags to sew!!