Sunday, September 7, 2014

Around the World Blog Hop

Hi and welcome to my blog. 

This post is part of the Around the World Blog Hop. Recently my blogger friend Marilyn from Shades of Bold asked me to join in the Around the World Blog Hop. I was going through some tough times so I explained it to her and she understood my situation. Then Lorena (another blogger friend) from MyWay of asked me also. This time I said yes. Thanks Lorena for tagging me and writing nice things about me on your post. You can read Lorena's Hop-post here. You should take some time after you’re done reading here and visit her blog. Go ahead and open the tab before you forget. She blogs from England in English and Spanish. She sews beautiful bags and also makes some very cute amigurumis.

This Blog Hop requires I share a bit about myself answering some questions. If you already know me a bit maybe you’ll learn something else today.

1. What I’m I working on?
I’ve always been involve in some kind of creative venture. I learned to sew when I was a girl and although a bit frustrated with sewing clothing I kept learning and experimenting. Then I started sewing bags and I really got hooked. I have a stash of fabric and bag hardware just waiting for me to transform them in different kinds of bags and sell them on my etsy shop: During the month of August I got busy making backpacks (modified from the Edelweiss from Sew Sweetness) for the back to school season. I also made a Super Tote from Noodlehead for my sister on her birthday. Now I’m back to sewing bags. I just finished the Genevieve bag using the pattern from Chris W Designs. I'll share on my next post. I have a list of bags to make. So I’m ready for the next one. If this is your first time here go ahead and browse around to see my bags.

 Tote for my sister

2. How does my work differ from others of its genre?
There are many great bag designers and makers out there. I think everyone has a particular style. I try to find a balance between fabric and design to make a high quality, fashionable bag that will also be very practical for today’s women. I love to think that the person who buys my bag will love it and feel very proud of it while using it. Not sure if I answered the question!!

3. Why do I create what I do?
I’m blessed to be able to do what I love. For me making bags puts together my love to math (yes, I love it), geometry, color, construction, fashion, functionality and a bit of whimsy every now and then. It’s just so great to transform fabric into bags that have a function. So many possibilities of color, shape and design!!! Sewing is also like therapy. It makes me feel better if I’m stressful. Here's a bag I designed myself.

4. How does my creating process work?
First I get fabric that I love and think will look good as a bag in general. Then I work on a match making session where I try to match the fabric to a bag pattern. I have many patterns from individual designers. There are many great ones out there. I think about things like proportion and balance; color and size of print; designs that are simple versus the ones that have many features. From that I make decisions of what fabric or fabrics I should use for a pattern design. Sometimes I modify the pattern a bit to “fit” a fabric. After these sessions I have a list of bags to sew for a while. Although every now and then a bag sneaks up on me that is not on the list. Just inspiration! Or I'm testing a pattern for a designer!! Almost every day I either cut, fuse or sew a bag.

This is enough of me for now.

I should tell you that I'm very very sorry (sorry Lorena) but all my blogger friends have been tagged before me. I couldn't find someone to tag. But if you're reading this and you haven't participate of this Around the World Blog Tour feel free to write a post answering the 4 questions next Monday September 15 and let me know. You can then tag three blogger friends.


  1. Glad you got the opportunity to post and talk a little about the great bags you make!

    1. Thanks Marilyn! Yep! The opportunity came around again.

  2. Norma I love the bag that you designed yourself. So glad that you joined in this world blog hop too.

  3. Thanks Norma for joined us in this blog hop. I love your bags they are so professional and that bag that you designed is gorgeous

    1. Thanks Lorena for the opportunity. I should make another of that design. So many bags to sew, so little time.