Wednesday, July 9, 2014

First Date Night Purse

I previously told you I made a messenger bag for my niece and will show you after taking some pictures. But is a gift so I'll have to wait until she gets it; just in case she checks out the blog. Is the first bag sewn with the new Juki machine. I just love that machine!!!

Recently Erin from Dog Under my Desk released her Date Night Purse Pattern. She's really meticulous and precise when she designs a pattern. She had been working on designing a purse with a new top zipper technique for a while as she explains here. She finally made it! If you're interested in the pattern she has a special introductory price for a while. Knowing her great instructions and construction from previous patterns I was sold since I first saw it. So here's my first bag with the pattern.

 Check out this beautiful oval bottom.

And here's a closer look at that top zipper.

I added a zippered pocket inside instead of the pattern's slip pocket.

The bag is a small size bag and it only takes 2/3 yd of exterior fabric to make. These are some features she mentions on the purse pattern description:
  • 25-page full color excessively detailed instructions with photos
  • 7 computer generated pattern pieces
  • Measures about 11.5″ wide x 7″ tall x 3.75″ deep with a 9″ strap drop
  • Fits nicely under the shoulder or can be held without touching the ground
  • 9″ zippered opening at the top keeps everything inside secure
  • Patch pocket inside for pens, keys, and phone
  • Single pocket on the outside for whatever you need to access quickly
  • Lining is completely finished with no raw edges
  • Requires a long-pull purse zipper, single or double pull
  I can say that I consider that the instructions are very well written (with plenty of pictures) and I had no trouble making the bag. The measurements and cutting have to be very precise for great results but that can easily be accomplished by following her instructions. I see myself using this pattern many times.


  1. Thanks for showing us the bag, Norma. I saw the pattern and have been contemplating buying it myself. I love Erin's patterns, too. Beautiful color and beautiful bag. I don't use enough blue so I have made it a point to get more blue in recently.

    1. I love this fabric! The bag design is simple but very well designed! I see others in the future.

  2. I loveeeeeee this fabric and the design of the bag is beautiful. As always you've done an excellent job. Very professional.

    1. Thanks Maria! With the new Juki is easier to look professional. Isn't the fabric awesome!! I still have a bit left to do something small.

  3. This came out lovely. I knew I should have bought it, I love her patterns!

    1. She's very good designing patterns and explaining. I have a few.

  4. Beautiful bag. Came from Brag Bag Link Up. Here is the link to my Sugar 'N Spice.

  5. Beautiful...your niece will love it ,!!
    If not , I'll send you my addy.
    I also love Erin's patterns...its on my wish list.!