Friday, July 11, 2014

A Card, Avocado and Wallets

Funny title, isn't it?!

My sister Betty knew I was on the search for a sewing machine, so she made this card for me without knowing I had already bought it. I received the card a couple days after receiving the sewing machine. Isn't it cute? She made it herself. See the strap on the sewing machine and the bag inside the card? Very clever!

In another topic, my husband was doing some yard work and discover that our avocado tree had some for the first time. It actually has a lot of them! They still have to grow a bit. I see lots of guacamole on the future.

Finally some pictures about my sewing. I made more wallets. One is a repeat of the geeky one I made for my daughter here. The print has so many different images that each wallet turns out very different.

I made these with a modified version (very modified) of a tutorial by VeryPurplePerson here.

I made another wallet with the Paris, France print fabric I used for this bag.

All my bags and wallets are available in my etsy shop:
Next I'll be working on some backpacks. Although my wrists are feeling a bit tired and achy lately and I must take things slowly. That's not going to be easy.


  1. Love the Paris wallet. That wallet in that fabric is a perfect combination. I know you have modified that wallet a lot. Do you have it where you want it now? By the way how long does it take for avocado to grow? Avocados and guacamole...yummmm. My bag could be packed in no time!

    1. I'm happy with the construction of the wallet. The design... I might play with it a bit. I'm no expert but I think the avocados take around 4 months from when they first appear to doneness. It's our first avocado tree. I planted it myself!!

  2. What can I say Norma..EVERYTHING is perfect !!
    and your sisters card is adorable!!!