Monday, June 30, 2014

More wallets

After making the wallet for my daughter I realized there were so many modifications from the original tutorial that I needed to write the whole instructions for myself. That way I would sew future ones easier. So I took measurements, evaluated minor things that bother me and wrote a draft. To check on these instructions I made two more wallets. Here they are:

They are a bit whimsy for those who don't want to take things to serious and want something that will make them smile. Now I'm happy with the design and can make more easier. Although I should never get to confident making a pattern as to neglect the step by step instructions. I made this bag I've done many times and thinking I could rush with no trouble I ended setting the magnetic snap on the outside! LOL Oh my !!!
I just took a deep breath and got my seam ripper. Good that the lining uses these pieces. Probably that's why I got all messed up. It's so "nice" when ripping a seam takes like ten times more than what it took to make it!!!

I used a print fabric from JoAnn's with France reference and a Kona solid that matches. The solid is a very dark brown (Expresso). I used the pattern Crossbody Bag from Michelle's Patterns which it's been discontinued. You've probably remember other bags I've sewn using this pattern. I like it! This bag actually resembles this other one I made before with a Paris print.

I just sew another one of these since it sells pretty well.

The wallets are available on my etsy shop: The bags I still have to take more pictures before I list them. Right now is very cloudy. We are having thunderstorms almost every day here. The beauty of the Caribbean. Well let me make this post before the thunder takes away the electricity for a while.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Geeky Wallet

I made this wallet for my daughter. She selected the fabric Retro Geek from Timeless Treasures. I was careful when placing my pieces when I was cutting so that the wallet will show a bit of everything. Is a very fun fabric.
 See the closure tab? It's a power button.



Aren't those little robots on the fabric adorable? I used a tutorial from VeryPurplePerson here. I have sewn a few before using this tutorial and made some modifications so that it wouldn't need the binding on the sides. The binding makes it a bit too wide. This time for the card slots I used a combination of the measurements given in the Necessary Clutch Wallet Pattern from Emmaline Bags adapting them with the tutorial. Also I changed the way to attach the closing tab and added a removable wrist strap. Little by little I've been getting to a set of measurements and way to construct the wallet that I really like.

Having a wallet so cute will make sure make her smile every time she takes it out from her purse to pay for something. :-)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My June Bag

I finished the City Slicker Bag!! Yey!!

Here it is:

This pattern has many details and the result is a very professional looking purse. The instructions are very well written with details, tips and lots of pictures, as all of the Chris W Designs Patterns. You might get a bit overwhelmed by looking at it and seeing so many features but if you read and follow the instructions carefully you can make it happen and you'll feel very proud of achieving such a great result. You also have several options, starting with choosing the intermediate or advance level pattern. The difference between them is the advance uses three fabrics,  a back welt pocket and rounded strap tabs versus for the intermediate you use two fabrics, the back pocket is a simple slip pocket and the strap tabs are triangular. You can even choose to mix and match these features. So you have many options.

I used fabrics from JoAnn Fabrics. These two were sold to match and are home decorator weight. See all the fuzzy cutting I did? I chose Pellon interfacings: SF101 Woven Fusible Interfacing and Thermolam Plus Fusible. That's enough to make the purse stand on its own. I used a catch tuck closure instead of the twist lock because that's what I had in hand but I also love this closure. The front pocket is so lovely!! Is 3D and that provides lots of space. The back slip pocket is big so a big cellphone fits inside. As you can see I also used rivets. I have many of these and I'm using them whenever needed.

Then there are many pockets inside to stay organized. And using the contrast fabric for the pockets help to find them easily. I divided the slip pocket that's by the zipper pocket in three sections as suggested.

Look at this nice bottom!

Yesterday I received these geeky fabrics I ordered.

My daughter picked the top one for a wallet. I think it will look great!

 Ok, so enough blogging and now back to sewing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Brown Polka Dots Butterfly Sling Purse

Since I came back I've neglected this blog a bit. It's not that I haven't sewn any thing, I have but I've been doing some boring housework too.

I did test a bag for Emmaline Bags that I'll show you as soon as Janelle releases the pattern. While I was at my sister's house I cut this Butterfly Sling Bag and I have forgotten about it. So I finally sew it. The first one I made I sold in my shop pretty fast so I knew I had to make another one.

For this one I added a tab to the slip pocket inside which closes with velcro. I love to sew this bag. The pattern is great with very detailed instructions and lots of pictures.This bag is available for sale in my etsy shop.

Yesterday I started sewing the June Bag: The City Slicker from Chris W Designs. I'll finish it today. So that's a post for tomorrow or the day after. I still haven't make the April and May Bags. So I don't think I'll have the 6 bags done by the end of the month but I'll get to them sometime. I have a couple of orders to sew, including a wallet for my daughter. She picked a very geeky fabric that I'm suppose to receive today.

Bye for now and I hope you are sewing more than me. LOL.

Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm back with fabric!!

Hi everyone,
Thanks for your patience while I was away.

I spent a month and a half out of home. My sister is doing pretty well after her transplant. I had time to share with all three sisters, my mom and my daughter. It was great! At the end I was really homesick and missing my hubby and younger daughter. The trip was a bit too long.

I did a bit of sewing. I made these wallets from the pattern Get Carded from Dog Under my Desk. This one I made for my older sister. She already had a bag with the same fabric (from Tim Holtz) so she was really excited. She even scanned the fabric and made a cover for her journal all matching!

 This one I made for another sister.

These last two I'll add to my shop soon.

 I had some time to visit JoAnn Fabrics and Hobby Lobby and got some fabric!! Yey!! I also bought some online from After promising myself not to buy any more fabric we passed by a store named Fabricland. How could I resist. I just got one 1yd cut there. Here they are.


From JoAnn's Fabric and Hobby Lobby

From Fabricland. I love this one so so much, I'll make something for myself with it. It's a canvas.

From JoAnn's Fabric

Just remnants

So you see; I got my souvenirs!! LOL.
Now at home I have a list of things to do. There's a bit of housework and a bit of sewing. I'll see how I manage to keep things balanced. I just started cutting a bag I'm testing for Janelle. I also have some Bag of the Month Bags to do. Hopefully by the end of June I'll have at least one of each pattern.

This is it for now.