Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Totes with Accent Fabric and Pockets

Hi my friends.

Some time ago I bought more natural 12 oz canvas fabric to keep making some leather handle totes. I like to add some accent fabric with a couple of pockets on the exterior and a zippered pocket inside. Since the canvas is so heavy duty there's no need to interface it. I do interface the accent fabric even though they are canvas too because they're not as heavy. Here are two I made that are available at my etsy shop: Norma's Bag Boutique.

Since I'm  using rivets to hold the leather handles I reinforced the top edge all the way around with some Pellon Peltex.

I think they will be great for teachers or office workers who have to carry some extra stuff to work. They will make very nice Library Bags too.

This Collection of Canvas Totes with accent fabric and pockets will continue to grow. I still have canvas fabric and leather straps I made.

What do you think they'll be good for? Who do you see carrying these Totes?


  1. I love canvas and leather. Beautiful bags, I like the second the best though and the shape is perfect for taking shopping.

  2. Very nice Norma. These look great and useful.

    1. Thanks Daryl. I like to make things people consider useful.

  3. Really nice, Norma. I love working with canvas and sometimes use it as my interfacing layer when making fabric totes. It gives such a sturdiness to the bag.

  4. These are great Norma...perfect to take shopping and I think these would be perfect for my daughter to carry her books etc when she goes to TAFE!