Friday, February 28, 2014

February Bags in a Picture

For some of you might be March but for me I still have a bit more than 3 hours of February.
I knew I was quite productive during this month but now that I created a collage, wow!
I made 8 bags and 8 pouches. I say that's quite a productive short month.

Just today I finished this one which is a copy of the one I made for my daugther in December except that I used a tuck closure on this one. I used a pattern from Choly Knight's book "Sewing Stylish Handbags and Totes: Chic to Unique Bags and Purses That You Can Make". I have made several bags with this pattern.


The truth is I have another one of these ready to sew that I might finish today or tomorrow. Is navy color with a chevron fabric used in the flap. I like this pattern because the bag seems small but is very spacious because of a wide gusset. The flap is not like that in the pattern. I added the middle band to brake the pattern off and give it more interest. The book uses this pattern with some ears and painted eyes to make it a bit whimsy, but just by omitting those you can make a more serious bag. You should know by now that the fabric usually makes the bag. Or at least gives it "personality".

Tomorrow I receive the March Bag Pattern from the Bag of the Month Club. What a suspense!!


  1. That is very impressive Norma. Your work is always so professional looking and the last bag is gorgeous. So classy looking. I would say I'm excited about the March bag coming too but as I tested it for Samantha so I'm just excited that I've managed to make a bag of the month so far. You'll love her design.

    1. Thanks Maria. I did changed the pattern a bit but the shape is the same as the pattern and that is one thing I love a lot. And yes, I received the March Bag and I love it!! I think I know which one of the testers bag is yours.