Friday, February 28, 2014

February Bags in a Picture

For some of you might be March but for me I still have a bit more than 3 hours of February.
I knew I was quite productive during this month but now that I created a collage, wow!
I made 8 bags and 8 pouches. I say that's quite a productive short month.

Just today I finished this one which is a copy of the one I made for my daugther in December except that I used a tuck closure on this one. I used a pattern from Choly Knight's book "Sewing Stylish Handbags and Totes: Chic to Unique Bags and Purses That You Can Make". I have made several bags with this pattern.


The truth is I have another one of these ready to sew that I might finish today or tomorrow. Is navy color with a chevron fabric used in the flap. I like this pattern because the bag seems small but is very spacious because of a wide gusset. The flap is not like that in the pattern. I added the middle band to brake the pattern off and give it more interest. The book uses this pattern with some ears and painted eyes to make it a bit whimsy, but just by omitting those you can make a more serious bag. You should know by now that the fabric usually makes the bag. Or at least gives it "personality".

Tomorrow I receive the March Bag Pattern from the Bag of the Month Club. What a suspense!!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Two Totes with Accent Fabric and Pockets

Hi my friends.

Some time ago I bought more natural 12 oz canvas fabric to keep making some leather handle totes. I like to add some accent fabric with a couple of pockets on the exterior and a zippered pocket inside. Since the canvas is so heavy duty there's no need to interface it. I do interface the accent fabric even though they are canvas too because they're not as heavy. Here are two I made that are available at my etsy shop: Norma's Bag Boutique.

Since I'm  using rivets to hold the leather handles I reinforced the top edge all the way around with some Pellon Peltex.

I think they will be great for teachers or office workers who have to carry some extra stuff to work. They will make very nice Library Bags too.

This Collection of Canvas Totes with accent fabric and pockets will continue to grow. I still have canvas fabric and leather straps I made.

What do you think they'll be good for? Who do you see carrying these Totes?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

My February Bag

Here it is; .... finally.
I finished the Butterfly Sling Purse from the Bag of the Month Club last night.

Just in case you don't know this is a pattern from Emmaline Bags made for the members of the Bag of the Month Club. If you love sewing and making bags you can still enter. I used a fabric from the Robert Kaufman - Fusions Ombre Collection in brown and blue. I love the "texture" of this print and have used other from the same collection that you might remember, like my first Necessary Clutch Wallet. The instructions were great as usual. With patterns from Emmaline Bags you can expect great instructions and photos to take you step by step to finish beautiful and very well designed bags and this one is no exception. This bag has two main compartments that close with a zipper on top. Inside those compartments there are some card pockets to keep everything organized. I used a "tuck and catch" closure instead of the suggested turn lock. I took 3/4" off the closure strap for the closure to close well. This closure keeps the two main compartments together and there are also a couple of magnetic snaps. It was my first time sewing vinyl (for the ID pocket inside) and I didn't have any trouble at all following Janelle's instructions. I'll be using it again.

Have you seen the "butterfly"? I'm not sure if this is why the bag has this name but if you look at it laying down there you see the butterfly. Here in the next picture you can see how the two main compartments open up to reveal a slip pocket, for your cellphone, the ID see thru pocket and another zippered pocket. I used my go to interfacings: Pellon SF101 for lining, pockets and straps and Thermolam Plus for external pieces. I also used the Double Sided Tape, Wonder Tape to attach the zipper in the smaller zippered pocket and it helped a lot keeping everything straight.

 It was lots of fun to sew it. I kept asking myself how was it going to all be put together and when it did I just had to kept going until it was done. Like when you're reading a book and you're about to finish it and you just can't put it down. I was even a bit sleepy at the end but I couldn't stop. Here's a look inside. When I finished the bag I noticed the zippers on top were getting a bit caught on the lining since I sewed them to close to the zipper teeth. So I topstitched there seams and voila!! problem solved.

If you haven't sewn yours yet, don't wait any longer. Remember February is a short month. The instructions are great and there's nothing to fear. I'm very happy with mine.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A Chevron Messenger Bag

Oops! I said the February Bag: Butterfly Sling Bag would be next. I have it all cut and fused. Here's proof. I was just trying to get some plastic for the see thru pocket. I just got it today.

Meanwhile I received this beautiful chevron fabric (and some other). I liked so much the way it look with a bit of a bluish dark gray twill I had on my stash and I just "had to" sew this Messenger Bag from Michelle's Patterns.

It was very hard to get the color right on the pictures I took. But you get the idea. The bag is listed on my Etsy Shop. I used Thermolam Plus on the lining and the flap. The exterior was fused with Pellon SF101 and some Peltex was used for the bottom.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Update on New Bags

Wow! This is my first February post. I'm sorry.

I made some zipper pouches I had cut some time ago and were laying around. They're two different sets but can be bought individually at my Etsy Shop. One set is Black and White Prints and the other is using some Novelty Prints. I still have to sew another set but will make some bags / purses before that.


I also sewed some bags using the Crossbody Bag from Michelle's Patterns. This pattern is quite simple and yet very nice and functional. In the inside I made my own thing. I didn't follow the instructions of making it just like the exterior. I added a zipper pocket inside and a magnetic snap closure on the main compartment. They are all available at my shop here.


I just picked the fabric for my February Bag from the Bag of the Month Club. You should see it soon. I'm very happy to have 70 listings on my shop. One of the goals I have is to be able to have a good inventory so that customers can choose a bag that suits their needs best. I still have some polymer clay items but the shop has mostly bags. The variety of bags include: crossbody, shoulder, messenger, totes, wristlets, clutches, handbags, backpacks, Tablet sleeves, pouches and wallets.