Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some Christmas Gifts

Hi everyone,
I hope you had a great Christmas and holidays!

Here in Puerto Rico the Christmas Season hasn't ended. It goes on until January 6 with Three Wise Men Day. At night I still hear music from partys going on nearby.

I had a great day. My family is mostly in the US but hubby, younger daughter and I visited my in-laws where all the siblings and grand kids get together.

We had a secret Santa for the adults and I was happy I received a sewing ruler. My brother in law had visited us sometime before Christmas and I mentioned how I broke my ruler. He asked how was it used and other questions and I didn't suspect anything. Other gifts from my sisters were sewing related too.
Here's a picture of them:

Another great gift or I should say the best one was actually some great news. My older sister has leukemia and was looking for a bone marrow donor. All of her siblings had been tested and none of us were compatible. Lists were checked and no donor was found. So the doctors decided to use a son's for the transplant even though they are in theory just 50% compatible. And this is the gift God gave us. Her older son turned out to be 100% compatible. It's supposed to be rare for that to happen. We are all very grateful to God for this great present. We cried and laugh. So sometime hopefully in January my sister will have the transplant.


  1. That's wonderful news about your sister. I'll say a prayer for her and hope everything goes well.
    Love your gifts, I love anything sewing related.

    1. A prayer will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.