Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Small Cellphone Purses

Have you used a pattern that makes you keep making more and more?

I used the Zip Pocket Pouch pattern from Michelle Patterns and I just couldn't stop myself.

I ended up making 10 of them!!

 It's a great project for those small pieces of fabric or just any fabric at all. I think they make great gifts too.

I made five of them using the pattern "as is":

Then I just couldn't resist and change the small flap to a tuck closure for the next five. Don't they look cute?
Oh, and a little secret: I added some small D-rings inside so they can be used with a wrist strap or even a cross body strap! I thought it would be great to have a small purse where you can just carry your cellphone, I.D., some money and run out and be hands free!!
The zipper pocket is very convenient:

Here with the wrist strap:

And you can use it crossbody to free your hands!!  
Now let's see if I can stop making them and start some new big bags.


  1. LOLLLL I know exactly how you feel. I went crazy making loads of wallets and now have another six cut out yet again. Yours are so cute and I love the changes you've made to the pattern. I have this pattern and have made one but I find the original closure annoying because it's on the bottom and when I go to open it I do it from the top so my wallet is upside down LOLLL I may try this one again using your idea for the tuck closure.

    1. Go ahead and use the modification. Omitting that closure flap makes it a simple and cute wristlet. But be careful, you might end up making a dozen!!!