Sunday, December 1, 2013

Chandelier Swing Bag

I hope you all had (or are having) a great weekend.Other than taking care of my daughter who got a terrible 7 day long virus last week I was able to sew a bit.

This bag is from Sara Lawson's new book: Big-City Bags. It's called Chandelier Swing Bag (and please don't ask where the name comes from).


I used some black twill and a beige and black houndstooth home dec weight fabric. The size of this bag is great for when you want to look elegant and sleek. It has a removable strap so you can use it as an envelope style clutch. I added a faux piping to make it more interesting at the top seams. There's a back zippered pocket and a lining zippered pocket. I made a bit of a mistake while sewing the lining but it was easily fixed. The instructions are easy to follow. Although I'll say that the bottom is a bit tricky to install since it's a separate piece that you attach after sewing the front and back panels together. Sara recommends some slits to be cut so you can make those 90 degree turns and that helps.

I'll be entering this bag to the Sew Mama Sew Contest.

I have some pouches (or maybe I should call them Cellphone Free Hands Small Bags) sewn that I haven't show you but I'm still working on the straps. These I made a few at the same time and have others cut already. Is one of those projects that you just can't make just one.

And just a while ago I finally put some Christmas decoration on the house. I'll show you later too.

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  1. Love your bag. Gorgeous fabrics, it looks so elegant and you've done a great job with the sewing, very professional looking.