Saturday, November 2, 2013

Leather Handles Tote

Recently I had the opportunity of getting a big piece of dark brown leather at a very good price. I plan to use it mostly for handles but who knows what kind of experiments I might do with it. So I used some canvas and the leather together on this tote.

It's my first time using leather handles and rivets. I used the Ethnic Fabric for the pocket.
I think I'm in love with leather handles!

 I love the clean look inside. I lined it and added an inside slip pocket.

This one I'll keep.
Of course it will be another entry for the Purse Palooza.


  1. That's lovely! I've got rivets, why didn't I think of making my own leather handles?! Thanks Norma!

    1. I used the rotary cutter and ruler and it worked pretty well. I don't even need to sew the leather to be able to use it with fabric. Go ahead and have fun.

  2. I love the simplicity of these handles, they are so effective.