Monday, November 4, 2013

Houndstooth Tote with Pockets

After sewing my previous tote (here) I wanted to keep going with leather handles totes. This time I wanted to add a zipper pocket outside. I repurposed the zipper from a bag that was hardly used. Before even cutting I folded some fabric and set up the design to be sure I will like the result:

And here it is:

A closer look at those pockets:

 An iPad fits in the slip pocket:

There's another slip pocket in the lining inside for a total of three pockets. For a tote that's a lot.

For the exterior zipper combination I was inspired by the Two Zip Hipster pattern from Dog Under my Desk. I played with the size until I got what I wanted. I can see College girls using a bag like this. It will fit books and notebooks on the main compartment and the personal stuff can go in the big pockets. I like it pretty much!! I want to keep it... Ooh! Maybe I'll sell this one and make one just like it for me!!
Of course this one goes to Purse Palooza too. I have a couple more bags cut that I should finish before Purse Palooza is over. Let's see if I get the time.