Thursday, October 17, 2013

Ethnic Fabrics

Since I bought these fabrics back in July they've been screaming: "Wallet". Uff! From the moment I saw them I knew I will sew some wallets with the Necessary Clutch Wallet Pattern from Emmaline Bags. I cut them like a week ago and I finally finished them yesterday. Today was photo shoot day for them and here they are:

Brown Tones Ethnic Wallet

 Again I made the changes in the flap and used the catch tuck clasp. It looks pretty elegant. Every time I make one that I love I want to keep it but that's no way to run a business, I guess!!

Three Colors Ethnic Wallet

For this one I was very picky on where to cut the pieces on the fabric so that it will look awesome, and I think it did! Really, really love it!!

Are you getting tired of wallets? Oops! I'm not. So let's see if I manage to sew a bag before I keep sewing wallets!! :-)

They are both available at my etsy shop:

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  1. Your wallets are awesome!!
    The fabric us perfect!!!

    1. The fabrics worked very nicely with the pattern. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Your work is impeccable. Love the fabrics and although I'm not tiring of wallets just yet I may be after a few days. Today I cut out 6 ladies wallets and interfaced them ready for sewing tomorrow. Now I just have another 6 to do.

  3. Dropping by from Bag Brag - what fab pieces and loving your fussy cutting :D

    1. Thanks Chrissie! I try my best to get great end results. Thanks for commenting and following.