Monday, October 28, 2013

Bags Top Zipper Technique

In my last post I shared with you my new bag design. Now I want to tell you about the top zipper technique I used.

There are different ways to add a zipper as the main closure of a bag. I like my purses with top zipper. I keep thinking what if I drop it and everything spills out... The Horror! I thought everyone liked it like that but have learned that some people prefer an open top to reach for things fast. When I learned to make a top zippered pouch I went on and sew lots of them and gave them as gifts but I wasn't satisfied with the way the zipper ends looked. You know!.. the odd shape on the side. Soon I found a tutorial to solve the issue at There is some hand sewing needed but it looks much better.

So for my first version of the bag (the smaller) I used the technique and loved how it looked. So neat!

So clean!

 When sewing the regular size version I started using the same technique but before cutting the zipper end and hand sewing I noticed that if I left it uncut there will be a place to hold on to while closing the zipper. So I went ahead and added a fabric tab at the end of the zipper. The space that remained unsewn under the end of the zipper was then topstitched with the machine as well as the other end of the zipper. And Voila!! I got the neat top with some added bonus.

Closer view of zipper end:

Bag with opened zipper:

The technique provides a wide open bag when the zipper is open. Don't you love that?! So I'll be using this technique more. Go ahead and try it. Well, that's if you like a zipper closure.

Do you like a zipper closure in your bags?

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  1. This bag is gorgeous !!!! and I do like zipper closure in my bag.
    I love your designs